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3141 Non-resident Students

Non-Resident Students

Consistent with Chapter 28A.225 RCW, any student who resides outside the District may apply to attend a school in the District or file the parental declaration of the intent to provide home-based instruction and enroll for ancillary services, if any. All applications for nonresident attendance or home-based instruction will be considered on an equal basis.

The Board of Directors annually shall inform parents of the District’s inter-district enrollment options and parental involvement opportunities. Information on inter-district acceptance policies shall be provided to nonresidents on request. Providing online access to the information satisfies the requirement of this policy unless a parent or guardian specifically requests information to be provided in written form. The district will not charge any transfer fees or tuition costs for enrolling eligible nonresident students.

The superintendent will develop an application form that the parent/guardian or designee will complete to apply for the student’s admission. The form will gather information such as the child’s current legal residence, the school district where the student is currently enrolled or receiving home-based instruction, the basis for requesting release from the resident district, the specific grade level (elementary) in which the student desires to be enrolled if accepted by the district.

The district will use the Standard Choice Transfer System in the OSPI Education Data System (EDS) to process those requests for student transfer enrollment into online or alternative learning experience programs or schools.

The Superintendent will accept or reject an application for nonresident admission based upon the following standards:

1. Whether space is available in the program or grade level or classes at the building in which the student desires to be enrolled;

2. Whether appropriate educational programs or services are available to improve the student's condition as stated in requesting release from his or her district of residence;

3. Whether the student's attendance in the District is likely to create a risk to the health or safety of other students or staff;

4. Whether in the grade level or class at the building where the student desires to be enrolled has the capacity for additional students;

5. Whether the student’s disciplinary records indicate a history of convictions for offenses or crimes, violent or disruptive behavior or gang membership (a gang means a group of three or more persons with identifiable leadership that, on an ongoing basis, regularly conspires and acts in concert mainly for criminal purposes);

6. Whether the student has been expelled or suspended from a public school for more than ten consecutive days, in which case the student may apply for admission under the District’s policy for readmission of expelled students.

7. Whether the student has repeatedly failed to comply with requirements for participation in an online school program, such as participating in weekly direct contact with the teacher or monthly progress evaluations.

The Superintendent in a timely manner shall provide all applicants with written notification of the approval or denial of the application. If the student is to be admitted, the Superintendent shall notify the resident district and make necessary arrangements for the transfer of student records.

If the application is denied, the Superintendent will notify the parent or guardian of the right to petition the Board, upon five school business day’s prior notice, for review of the decision and to have a hearing before the Board at its next regular meeting. Following the hearing by the Board, a final decision shall be promptly communicated to the parent in writing.

The final decision of the District to deny the admission of a nonresident student may be appealed to the Superintendent of public instruction or his or her designee.

All students admitted as a “nonresident student” must reapply and be approved for continuing attendance each year.

Nonresident attendance may be revoked by the District if there is lack of space available in program or classes, the student fails to maintain regular attendance, or the student violates District policies on student behavior.

Children of full-time employees

1. Pursuant to RCW 28A.225.225, a nonresident student who is the child of a full-time certificated or classified employee will be permitted to enroll:

a. At the school where the employee is assigned;

b. At a school forming the district’s kindergarten through eighth grade continuum which includes the school where the employee is assigned; the student remains enrolled until he or she completes schooling; or

 c. At a school in the district that provides early intervention services pursuant to RCW 28A.155.065 and/or preschool services pursuant to RCW 28A.155.070, if the student is eligible for such services.

2. The district may reject the application of a student who is the child of a full-time employee if:

a. Disciplinary records or other evidence supports a conclusion that the student has a history of convictions, violent or disruptive behavior, or gang membership; or

b. The student has been expelled or suspended from a public school for more than ten consecutive days (however, the district’s policies for allowing readmission of expelled or suspended students and the required reengagement procedures under this rule must apply uniformly to both resident and nonresident applicants seeking admission, pursuant to RCW 28A.225.225(2)(b)); or

c. The student has repeatedly failed to comply with requirements for participation in an online school program, such as participating in weekly direct contact with the teacher or monthly progress evaluations.



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Adoption Date: October 3, 2000

Amended Date: XXXXXXX