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    School is not closed, just the building is! Our kids and teachers are busy distance learning! See you in the fall!

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STEAM Fair 2018 & Pinewood Derby
Car in the paint shop Cars in the making 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Drying the paint 13 img_2683 img_2684 img_2685 img_2686 img_2687 img_2688 img_2689 img_2690 balloon img_2691 img_2692 img_2693 img_2694 img_2695 img_2696 img_2697 img_2698 img_2699 img_2700 img_2701 img_2702 img_2703 img_2704 img_2705 img_2706 img_2707 img_2708 img_2709 img_2710 img_2711 img_2712 img_2713 img_2714 img_2715 img_2716 img_2717 img_2718 img_2719 img_2720 img_2721 img_2722 img_2723 img_2724 img_2725 img_2726 img_2727 img_2728 img_2729 img_2730 img_2731 img_2732 img_2733 img_2734 img_2735
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