Superintendent's Message

Monica Burnett
Superintendent, Principal


Paterson Students, Families, and Community:


We are excited to be educating the future of our region, state, country, and world here at Paterson School. These nearly 120 kids have shared with me many of their hopes and dreams for themselves for this year and for their future. We have kids here who  want to be nurses and doctors. One student was so specific--- she wants to be a nurse for the Marine Corps! We have students who want to be actors and actresses, teachers, and police officers. We have students who want to be the lion and tinman from Wizard of Oz! We also have students who have told me they dream of winning competitions, (maybe making it pro in sports or racing) getting better at math, and living in peace in their homes and in the world.


We want to support our students here academically, socially, and emotionally. As a staff we will do our best. Each staff member is committed to knowing your student, to loving them into being a better version of themselves, and to encouraging them to follow our Ten Basics.


We are always open to input from families, community members, and students. Please feel free to stop in and see us. (When you stop in, we do have some safety rules in place, so you’ll need to stop by the office first.)


May your hearts and our students hearts be captured by love!


Monica Burnett


Paterson School District #50

Paterson, WA



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