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    School is not closed, just the building is! Our kids and teachers are busy distance learning! See you in the fall!

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Superintendent's Message

Monica Burnett
Superintendent, Principal

Paterson Families:

Our district prides itself on being like a family. The way everyone has pulled together and worked for the benefit of all has been heartwarming to say the least. I have not had one family complain to me that they feel like we aren’t working hard to provide for your children. I so appreciate your warmth and patience with us as we learn how to do continuous learning at a distance. I appreciate all of the teachers and paras who are working daily with the kids… I appreciate you working daily with your kids… I appreciate the kitchen ladies and the bus drivers who are here and working early every morning to get meals and school deliveries out to all who need or want them.


Families work together --- pull through--- cheer each other on--- support each other. I love our Paterson family. Parents and families, you have treated our staff like your family and have cheered us on and helped us help your children with this distance learning. I know it is difficult. Our teachers didn’t go into teaching because they want to be on a computer all day; they went into teaching because the want to be with kids all day. They want to make a difference. They want to help them learn. They want to stretch their minds and help them grow. Please know that EVERYONE of us can’t wait to get back to face to face education. We miss our kids--- your kids! We miss our Paterson family.


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