Prior to school closing you were learning how to write an informational masterpiece.  Do you remember?  Lets review.  An informational masterpiece is a paper (usually 5 paragraphs or more) on a topic.  The masterpiece is true and includes facts about the topic.  Here is an example of what is expected of you.  DON'T PANIC!  This assignment takes weeks to perfect.  You most likely won't be able to produce a quality paper in one sitting...so relax, breath, it's going to be okay!  Now if you haven't already, pick a topic that you will enjoy learning about = )

Topic:  Brontosaurus (Whatever topic you decided to write about.  This is just an example.)

Paragraph 1:  Introduction 

Paragraph 2:  What it looked like 

Paragraph 3:  Where it lived (habitat)

Paragraph 4:  What it ate

Paragraph 5:  Conclusion (This paragraph is pretty much just like the introduction only reworded to sound a little different)

****These are just some ideas.  You could also include predators, fun facts, adaptations or other cool facts****

Please save your writing even your brainstorming pages.  I will be collecting them when we come back to school if not sooner.

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