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Uniform Dress

Policy 3224

Students in all grades must wear uniforms. Families may purchase items through the school district. If purchased from another resource, the attire will be allowed as long as it is free of logos and embellishments and it closely matches the color and style of those uniforms ordered through the school and the attire meets the intention of all district uniform and dress code requirements.

The Paterson School District uniform guidelines apply to both male and female students.

Polo shirts - both short and long sleeved collared polo shirts with original buttons (1-5 buttons)

  • 6 colors to select from: forest green, light gray, light blue, light pink, white, and navy blue
  • Shirts and all outerwear must fit well and not be oversized or undersized. Shirts can be worn untucked but must be appropriate length (top of pocket).
  • Shirts that fit longer than the top of the pockets will need to be tucked in. Shirts will carry no visible logos or embellishments.
  • Undershirts must be white if they are visible.
    • - 5-pocket style jeans or slacks or capris in black, denim, navy, gray, or khaki.
  • Cargo pants or cargo shorts, skirts, skorts in black, denim, navy, gray, or khaki.
  • Attire such pants, shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers must fit well and not be over or undersized. They must fit well at the waist and not “sag ".
  • Ripped, tom or pants with holes are not appropriate. Pants are to be hole-free.
  • Pants will be free of wording and embellishments. Pants will be free of rhinestones, sequins or raised decorative stitching.
  • Knit sports shorts are not appropriate uniform wear.
  • Skirts, skorts and jumpers should be no shorter than the top of the knee.
  • Shorts will be worn under all skirts or jumpers.
  • Shorts must be no shorter than tips of fingers when student’s arms rest at their sides.

Inside the building outerwear - Dark gray fleeced fitted jacket, a white, gray, or navy blue sweater, or Paterson school spirit wear that has been specifically authorized by the superintendent may be worn inside the building.

  • All inside the building outerwear must fit well and not be oversized or undersized.
  •  All inside the building jackets and/or sweaters will be free of hoods, except Paterson school spirit wear that has been specifically authorized by the superintendent: e.g., an authorized hooded sweat shirt or "polartec" with an approved school spirit emblem--hoods must be pulled down and off the head when inside the building.
  • Sweaters should be front zip or button, pullovers are not acceptable.
  • All outerwear worn inside the building must be of uniform color and style and must closely match the color and style ordered through the school.

            Spirit-wear may be worn on designated “Spirit Days" at school.

The term “spirit” refers to clothing affiliated with the school (Paterson Pioneers or Prosser Mustangs), such as sweatshirts or tee shirts.

Other Casual Days or Theme Days: Throughout the school year the district may approve “Casual” few specific theme days for students.

Coats: Coats do not need to be uniform color or style. However, the coat must be hung up or put in lockers upon arrival at school. Any gang colors or logos are prohibited.


Head Gear: No hats, sweatshirt hoods, sweater hoods, visors, bandanas, head scarves, wide headbands, scull-caps or hairnets are to be worn during the school day or on school buses. Winter caps may be worn outside during inclement weather. Wigs are not acceptable unless they are for a medical necessity. A note from a physician will be required.

  • Footwear:   As a health and safety precaution, students must wear shoes. During recess, PE
    • and/or sports activities students, should wear closed-toe shoes to protect their feet.   All appropriate closed-toe street shoes are allowed, including tennis shoes, sandals and other hard-soled shoes. Slippers and flip flops are prohibited except for medical reasons or for specific short-term foot-related injuries. All shoe laces need to be same color - no cross colors allowed. Traditional cross lacing only. All laces should be tied for safety.
  • Leggings and/or Tights: Leggings/Tights are approved to be worn under skirts, skorts or jumpers. They should be design free in white, black or navy blue.
  • Other Accessories: Flashy knee socks, scarves and colored ties are not appropriate accessories. Rosaries not an acceptable accessory. They have become a gang symbol. Classroom teachers will ask students to remove any accessories that become a distraction to the classroom learning environment.


Consequences for Dress Violations:

If the student's dress or grooming is objectionable under these provisions, the District shall request the student to make appropriate corrections. If the student refuses, the superintendent shall notify the parent or legal guardian, if reasonably possible, and request that person to assist the student to make the necessary correction. If both the student and parent refuse, the superintendent shall take appropriate disciplinary action. All discipline is progressive and could include the following:

1st Offense:     School will require student to remove or change inappropriate dress item. Parent notified.

2nd Offense:    #1 above plus lunch detention

3rd Offense:     #1 and #2 above plus parent meeting

4th Offense:     Short-term suspension

5th Offense:     Expulsion:

Students identified as being gang involved, influenced or affiliated shall be provided assistance and/or programs which discourage gang involvement or affiliation, enhance self-esteem, encourage interest and participation in school or other positive activities and promote membership in authorized school organizations.



Procedure Modified: July 8, 2010; August 3, 2011; July 25, 2012; February 17, 2015; September 21, 2015; September 11, 2018